freexbox360s VS free360xbox

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17-10-2005 20:24:24


Are both and legitimate systems? One requires 5 referrals while the other requires 8. Why is there this difference? Please let me know what you know )

- Dan


17-10-2005 20:26:06 is another network which is not legit, the other is a freepay site which is legit. =)


17-10-2005 20:27:36

has been proven to be a scam that does not pay out? have u read anywhere specifically about this?

thanks for the quick reply.

- Dan


17-10-2005 21:31:58

i dont think anyone could really be sure of that since the xbox 360 isn't even out yet..

if they cancel people's account immediately after getting all the referrals they needed, then yes.. it would be a scam.. i have no clue because im working on free360xbox (1 referral left! woooohoooo!!!)


17-10-2005 21:34:05

haven't tried either one ............. i'm gonna try to buy it when it comes out ......... yea... long lines... extremely LONG lines...


17-10-2005 22:16:00

xbox 360 gives me wood

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