CompleteHome welcome kit?

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17-10-2005 16:59:46

Did anyone else receive a welcome kit for the CompleteHome offer in the mail?

I started my 30-day trial on 9/6 and received a welcome kit (with membership ID card, etc.) on 10/17...


17-10-2005 17:28:31

I just recieved 2 $10 Lowe's Gift Cards.


17-10-2005 17:35:47

I got a catalouge, no gift cards (


17-10-2005 17:41:03

i got nothing but gift cards, which is good enough. )


17-10-2005 17:41:53

[quotec68a023654="goofygarber"]I got a catalouge, no gift cards ([/quotec68a023654]

Yeah, I saw the email that said "Click here to get your gift cards," but I wasn't interested.

My concern is that I didn't get the welcome kit until 6 weeks after I started the trial...