what offers give credit the fastest now?

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17-10-2005 15:03:47

I did freeipods.com last year and completed but now I'm doing the premium site and wonder what offers I should tell people to do.


17-10-2005 15:05:04

do one your interested in.


17-10-2005 15:12:49

curb your cravings credits in 1 business day for me and my refs anyway. its the only fast one i can think of


18-10-2005 10:00:01

curbyourcravings never credited for one of my referrals, after 2 weeks of waiting


19-10-2005 12:15:05

eFax worked pretty well for me (I think 3 bus days)


19-10-2005 12:16:34

Telling your referrals which offer to do is considered walking them through the process which is against Freepay's TOS.