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16-10-2005 15:49:16

So, this user IMs me asking if I want to trade, so I said sure, I do an offer for him under his site and it goes green instantly, he does an offer for me under my premiumipods link and he says he completed it and that he did the citibank offer, but it doesn't even say that he signed up....

anybody know if it takes awhile for it to show up or if i just got scammed?


16-10-2005 16:07:34

Well, since jan has a TR of 1, you probably shouldn't have been trading with him/her. (If your TR is lower than 0, you should only trade with people whose TR is higher than 2 to avoid getting scammed.)

Credit card offers take several weeks to credit, but if jan isn't showing up yellow, something is probably wrong. Freepay really can't do much to help you in this case either--they'll tell you that they don't give credit when a referral doesn't use the referral link properly. It could just be a glitch, so perhaps jan could contact Freepay.


16-10-2005 16:09:01

the moment he uses your link, enters his email and click sign up, it shuld be on your list, once he's done an offer, its 100% that his email WILL show on your list, displaying a YELLOW light, citbank offer takes 5-7 days.

I did an offer for someone and haven't recieved my paypal (yet...), i'd know how that feels....


16-10-2005 16:25:43

You probably got scammed.


16-10-2005 16:25:59

alright, I just did a trade with someone else and that went through just fine, I realize I shouldn't have done it in the first place or at least have him set up a trade...


16-10-2005 18:18:27

i wish you wouldnt have traded with him. you should have read the rules. they are for your own protection in cases like this. you probably got scammed. im not going to say you deserve it but you had it coming.


16-10-2005 18:57:10

yea, that works best. scamming is the worst part of all of this, its the biggest risk, thats why scammers suck