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15-10-2005 22:44:40

How does the InkBlvd offer on FreePay work? Can you do it more than once as long as you order $30 or more, or do you have to start an account with them which you can only do once? Anybody know?


17-10-2005 11:50:31

All I know is I just signed up for it yesterday in order to trade with someone. It credited me today when I checked the page, it said I had completed the offer and showed the check signs. The trade better work out because it cost me 40 bucks after the cartridge and shipping for that offer! I don't have much choice though considering all the good offers are disappearing and most of them are for credit cards which I am not about to sign up for. Getting a credit card and not using it or having a bunch will hurt in the end, not worth an ipod in my opinion.