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15-10-2005 21:24:21

Ok. I recently came across this site using the search term "free ipod" (even though I thought the results would turn up useless). I understand a little, you sign up and take some offer. Then you have 5 others sign up under your link and take an offer and you get the iPod/PSP/or whatever? Also is there anything that doesn't require a credit card? I can get a Visa Gift Card thingy to use but at the moment I don't have anything (14 yrs old). Also, may I refer people even though I havent done an offer yet?


15-10-2005 21:31:02

no they all require a credit card and yes u can get a visa gift card and u can also get friends to sign up before u complete an offer


15-10-2005 21:31:09

1)You will need a different amount of referrals depending on what site/item you are getting.

2)I think there are a few offers that do not require a credit card, but not many. Your best bet is to get something like a debt card from somewhere.

3)Some sites require you to complete an offer first, so just read the rules or ask here. Freepay takes referrals before or after you complete....


15-10-2005 21:32:55

Can you even do the site if you are 14 years old, I'm not sure of the requirements, but I'm pretty sure it would say an age limit somewhere


15-10-2005 21:39:31

I believe you have to be 18 or older. However, you can just have your parents signup for you.... )


15-10-2005 21:42:31

Thanks. I'll see if I can use my debit card (for paypal) on there. Can't wait to get an iPod lol


15-10-2005 21:47:11

I would strongly recommend that you don't use a virtual debit card, or a VISA gift card for doing an offer. That is considered fraud by many networks, and can lead to potential problems. Read FreePay's terms & conditions very well.


15-10-2005 21:48:58

It's not virtual. I actually have the card (well, its in my Dad's wallet lol ).


16-10-2005 05:09:38

Awesome! I have two yellows already on the iPod site!


16-10-2005 10:22:44

only greens count for credit...


16-10-2005 10:55:30

How long does it usually take to go green? I have four yellows now...
Can it only turn green on a business day? Because it is Sunday...


16-10-2005 11:03:16

Some yellows never turn green =P They have to do offers first, haha. They can credit anytime.


16-10-2005 11:12:00

Oh. Well, I did have my hopes up since I have four... oops


16-10-2005 13:07:01

Haha, I've had more than 100 yellow and no greens on some sites.


16-10-2005 14:15:36

[quoteeafd2bc1c9="goofygarber"]Haha, I've had more than 100 yellow and no greens on some sites.[/quoteeafd2bc1c9]

omg... oops (


16-10-2005 18:20:45

How do I do a trade?


16-10-2005 19:41:47

Look in the trading post for a trade (either for money or for other refferals) that you seem interested in, then set it up in the trade module (tutorial = http// and complete your end, then they will do theirs, and you request TR, and you get your trade points )


17-10-2005 11:49:18

Ok. Thanks, I've set something up in the trading post section.