Real Rhapsody

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15-10-2005 16:59:51

Is this offer gone completely from now on?


17-10-2005 11:51:08

Man, I liked this offer. Blockbuster is gone now too.


17-10-2005 12:11:39

I'm hoping realrhapsody comes back. Blockbuster was gone a little over a week ago, but came back last week, but is gone now again today. I did the blockbuster offer last week, glad I did now too since it's gone today.

I sure hope they change alot of the offers today or tommorrow, like bringing back Realrhapsody, because right now the offers are horrible. They all completely suck ass.


17-10-2005 12:15:16

Heard that.


17-10-2005 12:25:01

Awww.. I was gonna do the blockbuster one too \


17-10-2005 12:27:56

Yeah. I would have actually used that too. I spent 40 bucks on the inkblvd when my Mom gets cartridges for free already. There weren't many other options though. (