will i be able to receive my ipod?

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15-10-2005 15:12:21

I live in an appartment in Canada, i heard that the ipods are sent directly to houses and signed, so i was wondering if i will be able to recive mine?


15-10-2005 15:29:33

why wouldn't u? it work anywhere........i think.....


15-10-2005 15:40:38

As long as you provide a correct address, you should be fine. Not everyone lives in a house, I'm sure Freepay knows that.


15-10-2005 16:28:19

i've seen post where ppl living in apartment got free stuff...


15-10-2005 16:36:41

[quote1189c8b020="mpbollywoodking"]why wouldn't u? it work anywhere........i think.....[/quote1189c8b020]

Nice grammar.


16-10-2005 02:08:09

yeah i live in an apt and i got my free ipod delivered the other week no problem. of course i dunt live in the sort of apt where u have an apt #, i live in a triplex. but i dunt see why apts wouldnt work