So can we sign up for free premium ipods if we've...........

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14-10-2005 13:18:47

So can we sign up for free premium ipods if we've already completed freephoto ipods? anyone know about when freepay/gratis fuses an old website w/ a new one? or re-names an old one and offers something new?


14-10-2005 14:05:19

I've got a better question... i'm 7/8 for my photo ipod... now am i going to get a photo ipod or a video ipod b/c i'd like the video ipod but can't find a place to change it.


14-10-2005 15:11:47

[quote6328b53090]It is the same site.

If you have already done photoipods, you cannot do premiumipods.[/quote6328b53090]

That's what I got earlier when I asked ( Unfortunately that wont work sigh

You'll probably get the videoipod, as you still haven't ordered yet


14-10-2005 20:05:46

so, let me see, if i signed up for the PhotoIpod, i can't change to the Video Ipod???

I haven't completed an offer yet though?


14-10-2005 20:06:47

u guys can all change it. u select ur gift when u order anyway, what u have selected now is irrelevant.


14-10-2005 20:17:43

well, i can't change it now. There is only the PhotoIpod option


14-10-2005 20:21:48

You haven't ordered yet have you? It asks you to select an option when you are approved and place your order.


14-10-2005 20:23:45

but shouldn't it be availabe now. I remember the same thing when i was ordering my color 20gb ipod, and i didn't get the option for the Nano


15-10-2005 10:22:44

why does it matter? You reselect your gift when you order....plain and simple.


15-10-2005 11:45:53

In a different thread jake said they dont even have anymore photo ipods in stock so you will all be getting the video ones whether you change your gift or not.


15-10-2005 12:01:42

i'm 6/8 on my photoipods hopefully i get the new video ipod lol


15-10-2005 14:41:38

Wow you seem to be on a role! What's your secret, Tsangchan?


27-10-2005 03:56:30

Obviously I'm late to the party on this...I just attempted to sign up for a Video iPod and got that "already signed up" message. [i0e9be48d5c]Then[/i0e9be48d5c] I notice the "Note Free Premium iPods is the new name for Free Photo iPods." fine print. (

Ugh. I got my photo ipod months ago, and would [i0e9be48d5c]love[/i0e9be48d5c] to try for a video one.

This, and the laptops on fdpc, is [i0e9be48d5c]killing[/i0e9be48d5c] me...


27-10-2005 12:12:25

Just do the YourVideoiPods offer..

[quoteebdb9b38fc]This, and the laptops on fdpc, is killing me...[/quoteebdb9b38fc]

Looks like "you're going to have to do it" lol


27-10-2005 19:14:20

[quote2b15631816="h3x"]Just do the YourVideoiPods offer..

[quote2b15631816]This, and the laptops on fdpc, is killing me...[/quote2b15631816]

Looks like "you're going to have to do it" lol[/quote2b15631816]

Non-Gratis offers give me pause, like for many others.

I also want to live! D

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