Video Professor offer discrepancy

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14-10-2005 08:50:14

When you click on the offer, it says to sign up for "Video Professor Onlne" but when it takes you to the site, it is to order CD's, not the "Online" service. And They charge S&H, not a set-up fee. Will I still get credit for this? (And anyone know if Video Professor is actually instant again?)


14-10-2005 09:04:21

when i first clicked this offer and signed up it took me to the online site but after completing the offer i clicked the link again to return to the site and log in and it took me to the CD site that you are referring to. I dont know what the problem is. Its been about 5 days though and still no credit for me, hopefully i will get it


15-10-2005 16:58:08

So has anyone signed up for this offer and then just completed it online like they advertise? Or, has everyone received the Cd's in the mail?


15-10-2005 17:05:56

One of my nano refferals got credit after a week for Video Professor, so I say just wait it out and you'll get credit if you did it properly.


15-10-2005 18:28:22

I'm in the same boat as the above. I signed up for this offer early in the week thinking it was an online service. After going through the signup process, it became clear that it was the CD service. I'll let you know when it credits.

BTW, here is an excerpt from the terms

[quote13a14e78a7]How It Works

ANY TWO of the three computer tutorial CD-ROMs are
yours free without further obligation, PERIOD. Take 10
days to decide if you want to keep the complete set of
CDs. After your 10-day free trial, if you decide to
keep the complete set, we'll conveniently bill your
credit card...[/quote13a14e78a7]


15-10-2005 19:44:05

im planning on doing CD video professor offer for my ipodnano on monday..


16-10-2005 02:06:18

i did video prof for one of the freepay sites, cant remember which, and it was the online version. it took 6 business days to credit for me.


16-10-2005 03:14:52

i just did video prof online yesterday and it was indeed the online one. didn't get the "instant" credit though (


16-10-2005 04:24:45

[quote733dd9598b="Archon810"]i just did video prof online yesterday and it was indeed the online one. didn't get the "instant" credit though ([/quote733dd9598b]

Maybe there was a temporary glitch last week that directed some of us to the CD offer from a banner for the online offer.

But there [i733dd9598b]was[/i733dd9598b] something that said "This offer is only valid online, and is different from other Video Professor offers you may have seen elsewhere." That made me think maybe they just changed the "online" offer, but I guess not.


16-10-2005 08:58:56

same thing has happened to me, i have not received credit, nor have i received any type of confirmation email, i'm really pissed.