You need freepay photoipod i need cash

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13-10-2005 20:43:47

As topic states. This site is getting alittle rare. I'm going to do this for 30 bucks paypal. I'm going to do the repocar offer. I'm a good trader, always green fast. Let me know, no trades just 30 bucks. Trade rules apply


13-10-2005 20:45:50

Damn it, i posted in wrong section, can a mod move this asap?


13-10-2005 20:54:58

why dont you delete it and repost it in the right section

BTW - I have seen it go for lower.


13-10-2005 20:58:20

How do i delete my whole post? And i know i've seen it go for lower but the offer that i'm diong its 6 bucks so thats only 24 dollars to me.


13-10-2005 21:01:22

There should be an edit/quote/report/delete button on your top post. If the topic post is deleted = entire post deleted


13-10-2005 21:07:23

I only have Quote, Edit, Report........


13-10-2005 21:08:14

You can't delete once someone replies to your thread.


13-10-2005 23:33:01

since i got to this a little late, ill lock it and you can just make a new one in the trading post.