Blockbuster Problem

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13-10-2005 18:21:55

Anyone run into this??? I had a friend complete the blockbuster offer as my third refereal on ipodshuffles...he waited 3 weeks after getting his movies and didn't get credit. He submitted a trouble ticket including his welcome email over 2 weeks ago and still has not gotten a reply, the trouble ticket is still open. I've submitted trouble tickets in the past and always had an answer within 48 hours. Anyone else running into this or have any suggestions?


14-10-2005 21:45:39

I'm having the same kind of issue with Real Rhapsody on freehandbags. It hasn't credited after 18 days. I haven't been waiting for 2 weeks for someone to look at the welcome e-mail I submitted, but it seems slower than usual.



15-10-2005 06:30:11

If all you see is something like this
[bd2dae99b5b]We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.[/bd2dae99b5b] Then it will be responded via a real person. If it is an automated response and you haven't received a response withing 48 hours. I would just add to the support ticket. [bd2dae99b5b]Well?[/bd2dae99b5b] This is normally responded to )
Hope that helps, Saul


19-10-2005 16:58:12

This is really strange, I submitted a ticket asking if they could check out my refs trouble ticket since they haven't answered in weeks. They answered me saying that he has not contacted them. He shows to open tickets on his account.


20-10-2005 10:02:45

Yah I signed up with Blockbuster online 7-8 days ago for freegamingsystems. I also reffered someone on and they signed up on blockbuster too. So far neither of us have received credit.

It says you are supposed to receive credit when you receive your first set of dvds. Well I've watched, and returned the first 3, and should have more in the mail today. Still no credit.


Okay I just checked it and it turns out I just got credited today, so took bout 7-8 days to get credit from blockbuster for me.


20-10-2005 20:06:08

Took me 7 days, I didn't have to rent any movies but I did after I got credit and the service is great.