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12-10-2005 19:54:15

Alright, so I know this is probably more of a personal question, but I'm pretty sure that a fair amount of people want to know, and instead of having it littered all of the forum in a plethora of other threads, I decided to create one.

What will become of the freephotoipods.freepay.com with the incurrance of the new (video)iPod?

Since they are the same price (60 GB iPodphoto -> 60 GB iPod), will they simply be swapped around, and anyone who's in process of doing a photoipod will be able to get the 60 GB iPod?

Jus' wondering.


13-10-2005 11:12:05

I'm guessing that after the photo stock is all gone, they'll replace it.


13-10-2005 12:38:27

sucks for us UK users as freephotoipods.com isnt open to us (


13-10-2005 14:03:15

I'm hoping for a swap here soon. I could use a 60gb version.

ipods.freepay.com already has the 30gb as an option.


13-10-2005 14:30:57

im 2 greens away from finishing this site and they should come in soon but i want the video (


13-10-2005 17:39:07

photoipods isn't open to canadians too (