Question on Compaq Presario V2000

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11-10-2005 20:07:09

Is this computer over 600 dollars (needs tax form) or is it just like a regular free item?


11-10-2005 20:17:52

I think all freedesktoppc prizes require a tax filing


11-10-2005 20:38:32

Only items valued at over $600 require the W9 form. The laptops do need the W9 form filled out.


12-10-2005 09:45:58

All laptops need W-9 form.
I ordered desktop from that site, and they didnt ask for W-9. But the processing and stv kindda long. Already 3 weeks now.


12-10-2005 14:13:34

can freepay bump the price up when filling out their forms? like can they tell the irs they spent 1k on each laptop instead of the actual 600-700, or would that be considered a major scam on their part?