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11-10-2005 14:06:55

Hey folks! I was just wondering what the average time was on getting credit for Complete Home?? I know it says a few business days so I am not worried or anything, but I was wondering if they are a bit slow to credit for it or what?? (I did it from freedigitalcameras if that makes any difference, but I'm sure it doesn't)


11-10-2005 14:20:00

i think it took about 4-5 days for me


11-10-2005 14:23:55

a week for my friend.


11-10-2005 14:28:11

7 Days.


11-10-2005 16:12:16

3 business days counting yesturday and still waiting.......... soo hopefully by teh end of this week.... unless they also take yom kippur off... lol


11-10-2005 16:23:22

1 week for me


11-10-2005 19:24:41

thanks folks....hopefully it'll credit tomorrow or Thursday.


12-10-2005 12:45:09

Does Saturday or Columbus Day count? Its been 7 busines days excluding Sunday and no cred.


12-10-2005 12:47:56

Did it on the 5th, still waiting.


12-10-2005 13:20:56

my friend did on the 4th and still waiting.


12-10-2005 14:04:42

[quote4896e3179a="stackmjwiz"]Did it on the 5th, still waiting.[/quote4896e3179a]

ditto... still waiting


12-10-2005 23:28:56

Yup, did mine on the 5th and still waiting too.


13-10-2005 07:58:20

[quotee17db73de7="xXHasek99"][quotee17db73de7="stackmjwiz"]Did it on the 5th, still waiting.[/quotee17db73de7]

ditto... still waiting[/quotee17db73de7]

ditto still waiting too............. did complete home offer


13-10-2005 07:59:55

yup still waiting to for a ref that did it sometime last week.

codex avellum

13-10-2005 09:57:45

i did it on october 4th, still no credit.


13-10-2005 10:07:16

took 7 days at the minute.


13-10-2005 10:52:29

Takes 7 days or alittle more.


13-10-2005 12:50:31

took 9 days for me when i did it about a month ago.


13-10-2005 13:03:22

Are you guys counting Saturday or Sunday (when you mean days)?


13-10-2005 13:04:33

Took me 3 business days i believe?


13-10-2005 13:17:55

Of course this happens on the last referral.


13-10-2005 14:40:01

i was counting 9 business days


14-10-2005 07:48:08

i better get credit for this by today


14-10-2005 08:08:07

that would be great


14-10-2005 11:08:43

I signed up on 6th and got credited today.


14-10-2005 12:46:05

I just got credit this morning


14-10-2005 14:15:31

i got the "Referral credit received" email for my freeipods account, but he did not go green in my list.

codex avellum

14-10-2005 15:51:58

i did this offer on the 4th for freeflatscreens. got credit today


14-10-2005 17:05:52

My friend got credited today. He did the offer on the 4th.


15-10-2005 17:58:35

i recieved credit today, i signed up on the 4th


16-10-2005 08:29:46

argghhg i need credit it's already been a week and a half... my patience is thinning out........... o well, maybe monday.......

has anyone recieved their $20 gift certificate yet?



19-10-2005 14:09:52

How many days total did it take?
A person signed up for me and did rhapsody 3 weeks ago and no credit, then he did Complte Home a while ago and still no credit.
It my last green needed for 360 too. Arggghhh.

[quote3bd6c2e8fd="Iloveipods2"]argghhg i need credit it's already been a week and a half... my patience is thinning out........... o well, maybe monday.......

has anyone recieved their $20 gift certificate yet?

EDIT GOT CREDIT TODAY!!!!!!!!!![/quote3bd6c2e8fd]


19-10-2005 15:05:10

I did this offer on October 10th, as did two of my refferals. Not one of us have received credit yet. It's really pissing me off and I'm starting to get worried.

I did received an email a few days after I signed up, asking me where they can send the Lowes Gift Card.

I'll post when and if I do get credit for my and my refferals.


19-10-2005 16:43:17

I signed up around the 10th as well and no credit yet..


19-10-2005 18:33:35

took 15 days, 8(or 7 if they took Dr. MLK day off) business days


19-10-2005 18:47:39

Takes 10 days.. Those who did it on the 10th should get credited tommorow.


20-10-2005 09:57:32

hopefully it'll credit soon, I signed up on the 8th (a saturday) it hasn't been 14 business days, but I sure wish it'd credit soon, as I always hate the waiting, as i get anxious...but with all things you must remain patient. I am going to really spend some time with the complete home site tonight and look around at what they have to hopefully I can find something useful, maybe even get my dad a b-day present...or do some early Christmas shopping!!! hopefully it'll come through today or tomorrow......


20-10-2005 10:00:54

Still haven't gotten credit yet, nor have my refferals that signed up for it. Remember, we all signed up on the 10th. The anxiety is driving me nuts.


20-10-2005 10:57:39

I haven't recieved an email to get a lowed gift card yet, signed up around the 9th. Has anyone else who signed up around that time receive one? Im also still waiting for credit.


20-10-2005 12:36:32

I signed up for completehome on the 10th and on the 12th I received an email asking me where to send the Lowes card.


21-10-2005 11:37:37

My account just changed to completed today. I did it around the 9th..


21-10-2005 13:17:22

I FINALLY got Credit today. Signed up on the 10th and received credit today on the 21st. 11 days total.

Ironically I just received my $20 Lowes Giftcard today as well. My two refferals that also signed up for this offer received credit today as well as their giftcards too.