whats going on with freepay/blockbuster??

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11-10-2005 10:05:33

On my xbox360 site Ive ben waiting on ONE guy to go green for more than 15 days now, he did the blockbuster offer like the same day as another of my referrals, but he has yet to get credit. He has recieved movies, sent em back, but still no credit. Jeesh, I just wanna get this over with? I sent jake a PM but no response yet and Im gonna recommend to my referral that he request manual credit -but I guess thats like all I can do.



11-10-2005 10:13:00

I don't even see the Blockbuster offer available. I sure hope it comes back. It really sounded like the best deal and I'd like to do it, and I'm sure some of my refferals would too.


I just checked it and it's back today. yay........!


11-10-2005 15:51:03

I got credit in about a week on freepay nanos.


11-10-2005 16:12:55

[quotee0c8c1fde2="goofygarber"]I got credit in about a week on freepay nanos.[/quotee0c8c1fde2]

me 2


11-10-2005 16:22:45

yeah I mean, my blockbuster credit (when I did the offer) took about 5 days, as has everyone else who's done this for me before. Hopefully he didnt mess up (


11-10-2005 19:39:25

Ask him to Request a No Credit Support Ticket if it has been more than 15 days.


11-10-2005 22:02:55

yea i did... but the bad news is, his inbox automatically cleans itself every week... so if they ask for an email confirmation.... he doesnt have one.... will that seal the deal and deny him credit?


12-10-2005 10:44:24

probably not, i think they usually check for accounts signed up under names/e-mails and then check the date they were created.