Repo car offer?

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10-10-2005 16:21:00

Anybody done this offer? Unless the search I just ran was terribly poor, it doesn't look like many people have experience with it. Am I wrong? What was your experience like?


10-10-2005 17:19:03

If I'm thinking of the right offer, it was bad. he website search was really confusing and I get 2 porn spam emails every day now, which I'mpretty sure is from that site cause their site had some porn site come up and link from it. I signed up for the one day trial for $7, and 4 hours later i got an email saying i was charged for $7 for the one day trial AND an email saying my trial had ended and i was being charged $40. I emailed them and they gave me a refund though.


10-10-2005 17:45:25

Its a shiney connections site. I say nay.


10-10-2005 17:55:35

Thanks for the quick responses. That's good to know.


11-10-2005 09:44:21

how long you got credit from that site?
Mine still yellow (from Oct 8th)


15-10-2005 10:44:21

Is anyone already got credited from this site?
I already waited for almost a week but still no green.


15-10-2005 12:06:30

i was juss about to do that offer i guess i wont now, unless someone has postitive feedback


15-10-2005 13:47:35

that's why i don't like these 1-day trial offers...
charges you a bullsh!t amount of money for a useless website/feature..