Living in apartment referrals sharing same IP

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10-10-2005 08:26:33

Hi all,

I'm new here and i'm currently 3/5 green for ipodnanos and i'm waiting on green for my last two. My question is that I, along with three of my referrals all live together in an apartment here at school. We all used our home addresses which are linked to our credit cards to sign up and complete offers, but since we are all here for school we signed up using the same IP address from the router we're using. We are off campus and not on a school network so my question differs from the dorm question asked earlier. Also, one of my roommates has already had his free 20gb photo shipped here. will this be a problem? we all have separate households back home.

Please let me know, thanks!


10-10-2005 08:47:42

Well Jake has said thea IP is not the only thing they look at to determine uniquie users. But the TOS clearly says only one account per household. Even if you guys all have differnent permanent address', you are still in the same household. Send Jake a PM and see what he says.


10-10-2005 23:36:47

i don't believe you can do it, i wouldn't try either.