psp and 360 approval time

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09-10-2005 15:04:21

Im on day 13-14 of my psp approval

How long does free360 take as well


09-10-2005 19:53:20

i've done both so i guess i'm the perfect person to ask lol

i was approved for freepsps on the 7th day so sumtin is wrong w/ urs, you should contact FreePay

Free360xbox took me quite honestly 2 minutes if not less. it was the best D


09-10-2005 20:27:19

how long ago though?


09-10-2005 21:48:18

like a week ago for the xbox 360

and about 2 months ago for the PSP


10-10-2005 01:11:46

Freepay have alot to go through at the moment, This is my 12 working day on freeipods. Just sit tight and you'll be approved soon. )



10-10-2005 07:01:40

Yeah, I have seen the sites taking about 12-15 days for approval.