Is this true?

Live forum:


07-10-2005 15:21:01

Someone said that if you submit ofr approval and two of your refs go gray, they will place your account on hold


07-10-2005 16:35:25

i don't think so, not sure though

i think only if they find a connection between you and those referrals (such as IP addresses, might put you on hold if you and EVERY referral did the same offer)


07-10-2005 20:27:19

it depends on how you are related to your refs. if they find anything to connect you, then you will be put on hold. if they are unqiue, legit sign ups, then they will only go grey and you will have to get 2 more greens.


07-10-2005 21:27:07

If they are unique, legit signups why are they going grey =P?


07-10-2005 21:30:46

i meant unique, legit, as in they are not him making multiple accounts.

they can sign up legit, and be unique, but then fraud the offers or make more accounts, then resulting in a hold.