Freepay sites not working ?

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In Windows we have hosts files. These store DNS data and direct a URL to an IP without contacting a DNS server. When installing spyware removal utilities, etc., they might install hosts file data which would block certain sites. I don't know if Mac's have spyware removal tools or hosts file equivalents, but if you do I would start there (deleting all entries out of the hosts file(its really pointless)).


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tuxmaskone by your name I would have thought you were using linux ) my home land )


08-10-2005 05:23:40

[quote9461d15c7b="gad.kadosh"]I am unable for a few days already to access any of the freepay sites, except the main one. I tried from my mac with Safari, Firefox and IE, and always the same problem. Safari shows the following error

Safari can’t open the page.
Too many redirects occurred trying to open “http//”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

Help someone?[/quote9461d15c7b]

Hmm... I'm on a Mac but I haven't had any problems, I use Firefox 1.5 beta 2. )


08-10-2005 09:43:46

Is there any chance that it doesn't work for people outside of the countries they work with ? (US, UK, Canada, Germany)
I happen to be abroad now, and still wanted to see the website from here.
Anyone can confirm that ? or i'm just the only one ?


08-10-2005 10:10:23

OK. I can confirm now that the problem is caused because I'm not in one of the supported countries, which is stupid IMO, but well...
I can get there with an anonymizer..


08-10-2005 10:15:38

If you use an anonymizer, then that qualifies as a public computer and you can't do the sites either way =\


08-10-2005 10:23:44

I've been able to get in and register, but nowhere does it say to what country I belong. I need the service from Canada, and I can't seem to have that option anywhere.


08-10-2005 10:58:56

It's not stupid, as imagine how harder it will be for them to run the service in countries other than the ones they work with (US, Canada, UK & Germany). Plus anonymizer can be considered fraud, I would strongly recommend you to not use this. If you wanted just to register - you could have waited to come back to Canada... A couple of days is not that bad.