Doing different offers

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07-10-2005 12:43:25

This might seem like the dumbest question ever, but with all the talk of being put on hold or banned, i think it's worth asking

Will anything happen if you sign up for more than one offer? I did realrhapsody a couple days ago and still havent gotten credit. Then complete home appeared on the list and it looked like it was worth checking out so i signed up for that too. There shouldn't be any problems with me getting or anything, right? After all, that should pretty much be what freepay wants to happen.


07-10-2005 12:46:06

You should be fine. Keep in mind that these should be offers you are willing to try out because you're interested in, not because you just want the credit. RealRhapsody has been crediting people instantly and some have been waiting 15 days to submit a no credit request.


07-10-2005 12:47:30

Yeah, I was legitimately interested in complete home. Especially the $20 lowes card.