free360xbox - Just got approved...any ideas about shipping?

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07-10-2005 07:05:41

Hi everyone,
Well I finally got all of my referrals for free360xbox, and Freepay as approved my account (10/7). I know the "official" release date is 10/22. Do you think there is any chance I would get the xbox by 12/15 or so? Any insider info from Gratis/Freepay?


07-10-2005 07:10:56

i believe there are several topics on this, do a quick search and you may find them wink


07-10-2005 07:46:03

it is released 11/22 not 10/22


07-10-2005 08:35:40

Yep sorry I got excited... release 11/22 and discussed but not really answere don other threads as far as I can see..nobody really knows is the answer, but I suspect not till Jan at least.


07-10-2005 08:45:29

If there was an answer to this, it would have been all over the boards ) I hope it's in December, but I don't count on it )


07-10-2005 09:24:13

yeah its november, so you have a little bit.


08-10-2005 08:52:54

i just want to know the "cut off" for the first shipment, is it already gone? im hoping not, i need 2 more greens


08-10-2005 09:06:01

I highly doubt the cut-off has already occurred. I certainly hope it hasn't at least. I already have all my greens but I haven't bothered doing my offer yet. But if you noticed with the nanos, most everyone went STV on the same day as long as you had your order placed by the first fulfillment date...


08-10-2005 10:17:20

I don't know why there would be a cutoff... even if there is a huge demand opening day, gratis should still be able to order thousands from wholesalers
Places like costco never run out of systems


08-10-2005 10:39:31

i have heard there might be a shortage of xbox 360s, but i dont know.

How long did it take you to get approved, the 7-10 days it says, more, less?


09-10-2005 16:23:22

rofl microsoft is readying 2 million 360's in the US for launch...I HIGHLY doubt there will be a shortage. Selling 2 million machines that fast is unlikely. I placed my order in early july..I hope I get it near the release date.


09-10-2005 17:31:51

let me see if i can find the article about it, ill post it here

Here is one http// and another

(this second one is talking about shortages in Japan, i think) http//


09-10-2005 18:35:25

the fact that there should be 2 million systems doesn't meant that They'll be readily available. Take the PSP for example. It was expected to sell out, but didn't. However, gratis still took forever to ship them b/c they don't use a lot of different vendors for a product. So, if the vendor(s) they select for filling xbox360 orders has sold out (consoles have a limit on the number of systems each particular store/vendor can preorder) then people who complete the site will have to wait.


09-10-2005 18:42:02

yea, but if there is a shortage, we will get a even shorter end of the stick, and xlife, you get one like what, 2 weeks before it launches, lucky ;) u gotta talk us though it while you are playing and we are waiting. )