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06-10-2005 19:10:36

I think this car search offer worth $6 is good - looks like a paycom one. Also, nice to see the complete home offer back - gives established traders more websites to sign up for ) Btw, anyone's had bad luck with this complete home offer??


06-10-2005 19:11:22

Complete home is instant on trainn, and only costs $1


06-10-2005 19:19:39

i'm having problems with car search offer... when i hit 'submit' it gave me some weir error (on their site)... but it did come thru with a confirmation email... i tried cancelling it after my trial ran out and it didn't even let me... i had to call (btw, i cancelled coz i didn't like the offer, but i honestly tried it ;) ) ... oh and it's not green yet, although it's only been a day.


06-10-2005 19:39:12

( Canadians only have 3 offers at the moment and im waiting to complete one
(one completeD on another site so i can't do that one, one is bingo and the other one is dvd) (
[bbc4c14f10a]JAKE! WE NEED A MORREEEEE CANADIAN OFFERS!!!![/bbc4c14f10a][/colorbc4c14f10a]


06-10-2005 19:41:15

Freepay really needs loads of new offers.


06-10-2005 20:58:46

Complete homes is complete crap. Credited very fast though. But i went to licoughli c licoughli and i got talked into staying, which is fine, extra month for free. So i was shopping the other day and found a 39.99 product i wanted to purchase so i called complete homes up to see what discount they could give me 10-50% they say! They wanted me to buy that product for 69.99!!!! I said screw you and bought it for 29.99 cuz i had a 10 dollar coupon =)


06-10-2005 22:29:44

On a random note, I got a complete home magazine in my name today in the mail... some excellent prices, actually


06-10-2005 22:42:16

[quote89944f926f="Veek"]Freepay really needs loads of new offers.[/quote89944f926f]

its not even new offers, its just more of a selection.

they need MORE offers, but MORE NEW ones would be great! D


06-10-2005 22:58:50

yeah freepay was bad for a while, i had to do gamefly...$28


07-10-2005 00:06:36

[quote2dd2e85d3c="Veek"]Freepay really needs loads of new offers.[/quote2dd2e85d3c]



07-10-2005 02:12:05

The Columbia House DVD offer looks good inspite of being costly. Its been there ever since I signed up for my first freepay site this July! I was wondering if the offer was just $12.40 or it includes the $20 membership as well?! Also, how does it credit?