Tax form on pcs

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05-10-2005 15:51:32

What is it and what does it do and stuff. Can someone help me with it


05-10-2005 15:55:35

The W-9 form is needed to receive any Gratis gift valued at a certain amount of money. All it asks for is your name, address, SSN or TIN. This is for when you file your taxes, a certain amount of money is considered "income." It has to do with taxes when it comes to gifts. I had no problem submitting my W-9 form through fax. You should not have any problem.

However, some people are annoyed with the fact that it counts towards income tax. So if you don't mind that, go with the computer.


05-10-2005 16:31:51

It also gives gratis a tax break, because it counts as a gift


05-10-2005 16:39:33

alright i just wanna make sure


05-10-2005 16:58:35

[quote42eeeb6270="gratisrocks"]alright i just dont wanna make sure[/quote42eeeb6270]



05-10-2005 17:33:45

oops i put dont lol


05-10-2005 17:49:03

wait what? clarify........ i thought it was just the laptop that needed a W9 form?! still that way or what?


05-10-2005 17:53:03

Not just the laptop, and gift valued at over $599, or something like that.


05-10-2005 18:00:31

how much extra is the tax and do they like fax u the form


05-10-2005 18:14:20

Not sure on the amount of the tax, but the form is E-mailed to you in .pdfurl==http://=http:///url format for Adobe Acrobat. You fill it out in the program and print it and sign it. Once you do that, you can either mail, fax, scan and e-mail in. All the numbers are provided in the E-mail, or you can PM Jake after your account is Approved, or when you submit your account for approval so that when it does get approved, you're ready to fax it in.


05-10-2005 21:37:38

Federal income tax is ~30%, so you would pay about 200 in taxes


05-10-2005 22:07:02

what if you dont have income taxes. i live with my parents loll


06-10-2005 11:47:46

well anyone help please ?


06-10-2005 12:11:34

[quote6e91f39019="tsanghan"]what if you dont have income taxes. i live with my parents loll[/quote6e91f39019]

If you're a student then you dont have much taxes to pay, even if you did pay taxes most of it will be returned to you. Given you dont have a high income.