Definition Of Walking Somone Through?

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04-10-2005 07:30:43


I was looking at freepays T&C's and wonder what they actully mean by walking somone through?

Does it mean telling somone to sign up then complete a offer?


04-10-2005 10:21:48

Ok now click on offer "XXXX", and then click on the free trial. Insert your name. Ok, now I accept.

I think that is what they mean, walking them through the offer, and what offer to do.


04-10-2005 10:26:07

its basically telling them how to sign up, what to do, which offer to do, what gift to pick etc. also being logged in at the same time can cause problems, even if you are not walking them through.


04-10-2005 10:27:24

it can caused problems if you are logged in at the same time as your referral?


04-10-2005 10:32:00

only when signing up.

i believe there were 2 users on here who traded for a freepay site, both lived in different states, were in different states at the time of signing up, butthey were accused of being the same person or something like that, because they were both logged in at the same time.

i might be way off about the details of it, but it can cause problem being logged into your account at the same time someone signs up under you.


04-10-2005 11:31:47

that sucks ( well all i did was put up a advert with "sign up at xxx and do the xxx offer" so hopefully that should be fine?


05-10-2005 12:54:22

That's crazy!

.. in a bad way. x

On numerous occasions I've been logged into my account at the same time as my friends were signing up.. to make sure that they didn't screw up the whole 'referral link' business. (Knowing my friends.. it's very possible).

I find it very hard to believe that you can be accused of 'walking' someone through by being logged in at the same time. In fact, it would be silly (and very angering) if my account were to have been placed on hold for such a reason.

PS. Does this whole 'hold' business only happen once you have completed your 5 referrals?