Heya!! Dorm people sharing same network??

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03-10-2005 17:57:58

Hey everybody.... I got my camera early this summer and have since moved into the dorms here on campus. We are all on "RESNET" a shared network and im very curiouse.

Can i get people around campus and dorms here to sign up for my sites?? Would that red flag anything or what....

If N E one knows anything please let me know cuz if this is possible the possiblities are AMAZINGLY endless....thanx so much guys!!

codex avellum

03-10-2005 18:02:18

you guys all have different IPs im sure. and definately dont have the same address. just the same hall. unless you are using your home address. you should be fine


03-10-2005 18:04:13

most uni's have a whole range leased (pending size). you should be fine if you all have different ip's and dorms.


03-10-2005 18:17:59

I know my dorm had the same address for a group of people, and then the mailroom sorted it based on name. My current apartment complex on campus does the same thing (small amount of people though).


03-10-2005 18:41:20

ya...this is what an address here may look like....

John Doe
2005 campus street
512 bender
Cedar Falls, Ia 52013

They do sort in the mailroom...If differnet people put 2005 campus street as there address but specified there room number would that be on hold or allowed?

codex avellum

03-10-2005 18:45:16

i dont see why you would be placed on hold.


03-10-2005 22:40:42

alrighty....So census vote say this would work alright?? I'd contact freepay but im afraid i'll get the uniform response to all those types of questions...the whole answer that really means nothing thing...


04-10-2005 00:06:24

yeah as long as you have individual IPs you should be fine. we get individual IPs at my college and i know alot of people signed up for it there and i didnt hear of any of them getting put on hold


04-10-2005 05:09:25

Depends on college's network. A lot of school networks don't offer individual IPs for security reasons. Most traffic goes through a single (or a few) IPs, and all the users have their local IPs (i.e. while the user might see something like 172.xxx.xxx.xxx on his PC, when he goes to a site, the site sees his "real" college IP 192.xxx.xxx.xxx or something like that ) It might, but yet again it might not cause any problems.


04-10-2005 13:26:16

So you think i should maybe do one of those "Check my Ip websites" on a few peoples dif. computers and see what it comes up with....?

codex avellum

04-10-2005 13:30:35

thats what i would do.


04-10-2005 14:18:05

Yeah I'm doing the same thing except I'm not getting any referals from anyone here. I've gone through for Stroid I know, so its working for me.


04-10-2005 15:17:34

[quote5c6249f386="tonydanza92"]It appears as though everybody in my apartment building is under the same proxy #, but different IP addresses. Can I still have 1 or 2 of them sign up and complete offers under me from their respective computers? I don't know much about this stuff but since proxies look like ip addresses I got kinda worried. Thanks[/quote5c6249f386]

[quote5c6249f386="Jake"]As long as everyones account is truly legitimate, I don't see a problem with it. Sincerely, Jake[/quote5c6249f386]

I live in a college apartment and asked him. I'm sure it is the same as the dorms regarding ip's and stuff. Just don't do anything stupid like doing offers on the same computer with different accounts. Then you'll be fine.