Jake (Question that could help everyone)

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03-10-2005 11:41:20

I think one of my referrals accedentally signed up under me twice and completed two offers. I know that he is going to go red when I try to get my ipod, but will both of his names go red or just one?


03-10-2005 11:46:58

This should be in the Help section, plus it's a user-specific question to Jake ([b69a73424e9]against the rules!![/b69a73424e9]) )

He accidentally signed up twice, and accidentally completed two offers? Come on ;)


03-10-2005 11:50:46

yeah this should be in the help section, and i dont see how it "could help everyone".

you create an account on a site you already have an account on? they will all go on hold. there are some exceptions to that rule, but you should read the FAQ or submit a support ticket.


03-10-2005 12:23:26

I put it here because it was to jake. Also it isn't user specific because this may help other people as well. But I will start a support ticket. Thank you.


03-10-2005 12:36:51

if you are asking about your account or referrals, then it is user-specific.


03-10-2005 12:44:47

Alright I understand and will not make that mistake again you can lock or delete this if you would like.