Yellow Signed Up Three Times

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02-10-2005 16:06:13


Somone on my list has signed up via my ipodnanos ref link 3 times i dont know who this person is just a random yellow.

Is their a chance ill be put on hold?


02-10-2005 16:37:19

As long as they don't do an offer, I think you should be fine. It would suck if they did 3 offers though =\


04-10-2005 11:25:38

i just sent in a support ticket listing the emails and saying that i dont know who they are.


04-10-2005 12:10:49

good luck with that lol


04-10-2005 12:17:12

its silly if i do get put on hold tho i dont even know who this person is yet im getting penilized for it (


04-10-2005 13:29:32

I had the same thing happen on my freeipods account. Neither went green, so it didn't matter. As long as that person only uses 1 account, both of you should be fine.


04-10-2005 14:07:15

why worry about it until it happens?

its not like you signed up?

you most likely won't get put on hold so there's no need to contact customer support. You only need to contact them if you do.


05-10-2005 02:31:20

sorry im just making sure nothing is my fault )


05-10-2005 05:32:11

wait, how do you know that it's the same person?


05-10-2005 06:51:43

when you look at the email addresses its kind of obvious for example theres then and finally

Those are not real email addresses mods just examples )


06-10-2005 14:24:58

these have now gone to reds/greys and ive had to request approval again hope it doesnt take 7-10 days (