PROBLEM with freepay!

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02-10-2005 13:32:39

I am signed up for a few freepay sites right now waiting for greens freepsps, freegamingsystems, and free360xbox. In an attempt to get a verification email sent to my account i changed my email address a couple times to see if it would send. Now the people that I got referred by are saying my e-mail address is no longer listed under their referrals section. I've completed offers for all of these sites! Am i gonna get screwed over with credit here? Is there a Representative that can answer this or help?


02-10-2005 13:33:41

I've been waiting for over a week for all three of these sites that were supposed to credit in a few days or less.


02-10-2005 13:48:27

yeah, I'm one of the people trading with Scudhawk. help on this would be really appreciated.


02-10-2005 18:59:57

likewise, I am also having trouble with this issue, he sais he has greened (and i trust him), on the referral link I have posted (which i jsut confirmed), but there is not mention of him in my account.


02-10-2005 20:16:41

10/2/05 hey guys, thanks for reading the post and putting in your comments. Just to update you, i contacted a representative for freepay. Hopefully he'll respond sometime tomorrow (business day) and give us some help. again, sorry for the inconvenience.

10/3/05 Ok, i'm in touch with Jake, the freepay representative. He is going to investigate the problem and hopefully solve it for us.