Real Rhapsody offer

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30-09-2005 16:19:25

I was wondering if I decided to do the Real Rhapsody offer, would I have to keep the Real Rhapsody service for a month for only a dollar? I just don't want to cancel too soon and it not credit my account or something but I also don't want to wait too long and be charged like $40 bucks for the service after the .99 offer. Any suggestions or help?


30-09-2005 16:33:41

1. We don't talk about cancellation in these forums. The mods can't stress that enough.

2. RealRhapsody only charges $9.99 a month after the 99cent trial. So don't worry about getting charged "$40."

3. It won't take a month to credit you. If you're not satisfied with the service, you can terminate the account. But like I said, they won't charge you a full month until your 30 day trial expires AND it doesn't take 30 days to credit you. You should be fine.


30-09-2005 17:40:33

It should credit INSTANTLY, and I mean INSTANTLY. You must have done something wrong =\