Should I just give in?

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30-09-2005 11:32:50

Ok, I finally think I might order the current mac mini that freepay is offering. I'm just going to sell it on ebay because I already have one. I hope that I can get a few bucks for all of that work I did considering it's lack of sufficient memory and out of date operating system. Thanks Gratis....



30-09-2005 11:34:09


When I clicked on Redeem Gift I got this message

Note Unfortunately the new Mac mini is not yet available. For quickest receipt of your free Mac mini, please select the Mac mini from the drop-down box now and we will immediately ship you the Mac mini that we currently have in stock. Or if you’d rather wait to receive the new Mac mini, please check back in 6-8 weeks to submit your order.

I can wait 6-8 weeks!



30-09-2005 11:40:15

heh. it has been saying that for awhile. i got that message about three weeks ago when i ordered.


30-09-2005 11:43:34

Well Jake, do you have any idea of when the 6-8 weeks began?



30-09-2005 13:47:56

[quote66200ce9bd="guyute48"]Well Jake, do you have any idea of when the 6-8 weeks began?

-Adam[/quote66200ce9bd]my guess Oct-Nov


01-10-2005 04:52:35

I was approved at the end of August and I got that message. This is my 5th week waiting. I think it is going to to be well past 6-8 weeks b/c gratis wants to get rid of all of the older models 1st. They aren't moving them b/c it takes a long time to get 10 greens & everybody is waiting 6-8 weeks. I have to buy a monitor anyway so soon as I save up my little pennies and dimes I am just gonna order. Hopefully by then they will have switched to the new macs.

How long have you other guys been waiting?