so depressing..

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29-09-2005 23:51:05

Argh, I've done four greens as trades and I haven't gotten a single green in return. [

I've got
1 person not responding to PMs
1 person who completed an offer, then turned black
1 person who completed an offer and is still yellow
1 person who flaked out on me and seems to have disappeared

I've only traded with people of +2 TR, using trade system, went first, etc. Is it becuase I'm new and have 'scam me' written on my face somewhere?

I've spent like $50 on offers so far and have nothing to show for it. This is so depressing. I mean, I did so many instant greens for people I thought getting 5 refs would be easy.


29-09-2005 23:51:57

oops, dunno if this is the right place to post this. Feel free to move it.


29-09-2005 23:56:05

The mod's might ask you who these people are to try to get them to come out of the shadows.

Sorry about your troubles, maybe you should trade with people that have a higher TR. Maybe start around 5 or so?


30-09-2005 00:31:47

yeah could you PM me the names and details of the trades, with the people you are having problems with please?

ill see if i can help you out.


05-10-2005 23:53:49

hey i greened up ) gamefly took hella long )
freepay has been going down hill.
freesites have been going down hill
i am just about done now.