Credit Cards

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28-09-2005 12:23:33

Does check the credit card numbers used to complete individual offers?


28-09-2005 12:25:52



28-09-2005 12:32:38

Then what exactly is checked before they approve you? IPs?


28-09-2005 12:39:08

Why do I get the strange feeling you're going to try something against the rules ? )

If you did your offers the right way, without any cheating/false information/etc. , and your referrals didnt' cheat etc. you will be approved. What exactly FreePay checks during the approval process is something which should remain confidential for their own sake.


28-09-2005 16:11:23

I agree. Don't do anything bad and you'll be fine.


28-09-2005 16:38:58

Not trying to cheat the system, but I wanted to know if it would be disqualified if I did the following

I have 1 out of my 5 referrals, and I found a 2nd person who was willing to signup as well, but they didn't have a credit card. The three of us are all friends and live near each other, so the 1st person I referred offered to let the 2nd person use her credit card. Since both people planned to cancel anyway, and they were signing up for different offers, I didn't think it would matter.

Should it?


28-09-2005 17:13:51

why would they signup with the intention to cancel? People like you and your friends are the reason many campaigns from affiliate networks are removed and no longer incented.