I hope I dont get put on hold

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28-09-2005 12:22:59

So I made an account for the photoipod at work. for some stupid reason, i dont even remember what i was checking, i went back to the site and jsut typed in random stuff in all the fields to get through the process. i didnt do this using referals, this was all just as new users, from the main page. the e-mai ladresses were all fake and everything. problem is they are probably all from the same ip adress. am i fucked?


28-09-2005 16:13:52

doubt it. not sure though.


01-10-2005 06:14:40

I'm kind of in the same boat...when I first came across all this "free" stuff, I created an account with bogus name and info just so I could get in and see what the real deal was - see the offers and read the rules, etc. I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing and didn't want to just end up with more SPAM. I hope they will understand if they do notice that I did that from the same computer.