Do you think i will get put on hold for doing this?

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27-09-2005 16:46:36

guys i have a question. I finally convinced my uncle to do an offer, But the bad news is he doesnt want to use his CC. Do you think it will be ok if i buy a web cert for him and send it to his email so he can use that?

The part that i dont know about is that I already baught myself a we cert with the same web cert ACC

please help me. if this does not make sense, tell me and ill explain it more


27-09-2005 21:28:07

Yes, that should work out fine becuase gratis legally cannot view the CC info you use on the advertiser sites


27-09-2005 22:06:03

they dont? well then in what cases do you get put on hold? how else do they catch u if they dont see the CC ##


27-09-2005 22:21:02

if we or they told you that, then it would only encourage people to try to defraud or scam the free sites.