Gamefly credit times?

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27-09-2005 00:41:10

Pretty much no other offers, so I signed up for gamefly, I will actually use it though already ordered battalion wars...can't wait to play it...
but i was wondering if anyone knows the average credit time on it?
I signed up for a 2 month deal..$25


27-09-2005 21:59:40

updating been 2 days and still no credit


11-10-2005 20:39:00

I don't know if you ever received credit yet, but I had a friend do this offer for me, and I was right there when she did it. It said that credit would not be recieved until the first PAYMENT service was made. So she waited 12 days, I waited the 12 days, couldn't wait for them to end because I would have gotten my last green on my ipod one and payment was charged to her CC and no credit was given. She contacted gratis 3 times and they continue to say that there was no record of the offer being completed and that it was probably done wrong, and I KNOW it wasn't. They also told her to email the confirmation email from gamefly to them, but she never got one, so she isn't able to show it to them.