Whats the wait time look like...

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26-09-2005 20:10:22

For Nano's? I've got 4 greens, and another lined up; so once I'm done with approval, can I get a timeframe until they ship out (if there is a shortage of any kind)

Thanks )


26-09-2005 20:50:04

Well, as you can tell from other threads, noone shipped yet ) So noone can give you an estimated timeframe. It will come when it comes )


26-09-2005 21:38:06

Yowch, I didn't even see those (
I rarely browse this forum... so nobody at all has shipped out yet? Thats kinda slow, oh well =\


26-09-2005 22:00:26

Yeah that kinda sucks that no one has shipped at all. I'm still in approval. Hopefully they'll start soon. Must be really high demand.


27-09-2005 01:29:11

It's a new site, and not too many stores have the Nano in stock. I hope they don't ship until I am approved lol P