Anyone request approval recently on XBox 360?

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26-09-2005 13:07:49

I requested approval last Thursday, and just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat? Thanks.

codex avellum

26-09-2005 13:10:57

did it around last tuesday or wednesday i think.

still havent heard anything yet


26-09-2005 20:07:45

Will be requesting tomorrow...waiting on my last offer.


27-09-2005 21:02:37

yeah, i requested last week sometime as well... still haven't heard anything...


29-09-2005 16:55:59

Requested approval last night, got approved today... D


29-09-2005 17:03:08

yea requested yest. got approved in 2 sec maybe i'm lucky

codex avellum

29-09-2005 18:06:22

yeah i requested approval last week, got approved and placed my order on september 28th. cant wait for the 360 )


29-09-2005 20:21:08

what do u get though with this offer?