Where's my verification e-mail?

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25-09-2005 13:00:35

I've signed up for a number of freepay sites and i go to the section that says 'Account'. It gives this message "Your Account has not been verified. You must verify your account before receiving your FREE [item name here]!" I click on the link that sends a verification e-mail so you can confirm your account. I never recieve these e-mails. I've tried Hotmail, Yahoo, and my college e-mail. None have recieved this e-mail. Can I get credit for offers (greens) if this isn't done? What's my problem?


25-09-2005 13:17:34

It might be under your spam e-mail, ie Bulk Mail in Yahoo!.


25-09-2005 13:38:26

Just request another verification email.


25-09-2005 14:20:05

I don't even have a bulk mail folder for yahoo so it can't be that. I just think they aren't being sent. Either way, is this going to affect my offers going through and getting credit?


25-09-2005 15:52:05

Just send a message to Support saying that you are trying to verify your email, but you have not received the verification email. I tried getting the email three times of 360xbox, but neither got it. Support verified my email address.


25-09-2005 16:15:47

can not verifying your email prevent you from going green?


25-09-2005 16:46:49

yea when i was ordering my nano i had to have them send me another verification email. after that youll be fine )


25-09-2005 17:13:26

no no, i mean just going green. before even ordering.


25-09-2005 17:28:07

how do you know if you're verified?


25-09-2005 18:41:16

At the end when you order, it says you must first verify your account. Please click here to send another email. It will not stop you from getting greens.