I need somehelp Jake

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24-09-2005 17:34:04

Jake the last two referrals that have signed up below me on freeipods.com haven't shown up on my referrals. They both clicked my link. I was wondering if there is a max number of referrals you can have? Can you help me get this fixed?


24-09-2005 17:48:45

crazyman123, please direct user specific questions in a pm to jake. there is not a maximum amount of referrals you can have.


24-09-2005 17:55:09

Sorry I just thought this may help other people too


24-09-2005 18:00:32

Are you sure they used [b4f24515318]your[/b4f24515318] link, and didnt go directly to ipods.freepay.com?

And this really is a user-specific question)


24-09-2005 18:03:52

Yes they used my link. Actually they were trades from this site. They both completed offers and I need those referrrals.


24-09-2005 19:14:37

I've had at least as many as 273 referrals (that's when I stopped counting). So if you have less than this, then a referral limit is not your problem.

And BTW, a long time ago when I was doing FreePSPs.com, I asked the same thing on a Customer Support Ticket and they said there was no referral limit.