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24-09-2005 17:23:57

I'm interested in knowing if this would work

I need to sign up for an offer on my Nano account.

I'm thinking about signing up for Blockbuster.

I have a code that gives me a month free on Blockbuster.

The pop-up from Gratis says "You do not have to enter a promotional code to access this offer."

What if I [i4b7842b943]do[/i4b7842b943] put one in anyway? One that give me a free month? Do I still get the credit?



24-09-2005 20:16:24

I would contact customer service at BlockBuster.


24-09-2005 20:43:47

I heard that it works... I used to have a code for it but I don't have it anymore


25-09-2005 01:39:46

[quote8649918e12="Collateral"]I heard that it works... I used to have a code for it but I don't have it anymore[/quote8649918e12]



25-09-2005 08:56:18

Free!!?? I paid $10 for my blockbuster trial through gratis, specifically on the nanos site. Took about a week to credit, and I love the service... My que is full and I've got 3 movies out )
I'm definatly keeping it, and zing - thats how gratis makes its money. Aquiring customers.


25-09-2005 09:31:25

It's not so much about the keeping it, as it is about the first month. I like to keep the 'free' Nano free, and not paying is one way to do that ;-)


25-09-2005 11:37:51

it's way worth it, even for 10$. Heck, if it was 10$ a month instead of going up to 17.95, I would keep it forever. Just takes so damn long to credit.


27-09-2005 19:56:50

where is the form field to enter a coupon code?? i looked at the first registration page and didnt see one.. is it after the first page (that has all the cc info) ????



27-09-2005 19:59:44

That's the problem I'm encountering now. When I go directly to Blockbuster, I can enter the code, but I don't know where to do it from the Freepay link. I guess it'll just be ten bucks for the first month.


27-09-2005 22:01:41

blockbuster offer pwns all, i usually like cancel, but then they offer me a month for $4.99, i can't refuse.