RealRhapsody offer down again?!

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23-09-2005 22:09:22

I just tried to complete the RealRhapsody offer for a referral and recieved this message instead "This offer is unavailable. Please try another offer from the offer list."

It would suck if the best offer on FreePay was down again. (

I suppose the Video Professor offer would be okay though.. but receiving credit for it takes much longer than "instantly" (in my past experiences).


23-09-2005 22:14:05

How many times have you done Video Professor?


23-09-2005 22:49:14

I've completed the VidProf offer once for a friend who did the same for me, where it says "past experiences" in my last post I made a typo, it should have said "experience". lol


24-09-2005 01:47:31

Sounds like you've done these offers before.
You know you can only do them once, right??


24-09-2005 08:55:51

Even if you sign up with a new account?


24-09-2005 09:18:52



24-09-2005 10:44:14

[quoteef6a6f48d3="Automag389"]Even if you sign up with a new account?[/quoteef6a6f48d3]

You can only do an offer once! Doesn't matter what freebie site you sign up for. Sounds like you might get DQ or put on HOLD.
Doing an offer more than once is considered fraud.