blockbuster question

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25-10-2004 21:32:00

When you click on the blockbuster option, it says you have to wait out the 2 week trial. But when you read the fine print on the blockbuster site, it says the following

"If you do not cancel your free trial membership before it expires, the credit or check card provided will be charged the applicable monthly membership fee (plus taxes) beginning on the first day after the end of the free trial and continuing monthly thereafter until canceled."

So, according to those two pieces of information, if you wait until your trial is up, you'll get charged. But if you cancel before the trial is up, you won't get credit with What's the deal?


25-10-2004 21:32:58

That's why I did infone hehe



25-10-2004 22:58:33

I used the Blockbuster offer for my iPod - and is scheduled to arrive on Thursday! I cancelled the day before the free trial expired, which ended up being about a week after my requirements were approved and I was STV. Plus I got a couple free rentals out of the deal - not bad at all.