IP question for Jake or anyone else

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23-09-2005 11:03:29

I had someone sign up for me by mistake. They were given the wrong ref link and they have a similar IP to someone that already signed up for me. I sent in a ticket on free360xbox to see if that would be a problem and I just got a canned response. They each have static IPs, and one is at and the other is at One lives in Southaven, and the other in Memphis, so they each have a different physical address. I asked for one of them to be deleted so I don't get both DQ'd. Are these IP's too similar or am I OK?

Thanks in advance!


23-09-2005 11:09:42

As long as those accounts are truly unique from each other, then you should not experience any problems with them.

There is no need to request deletion of those accounts if they are truly legitimate.


23-09-2005 11:09:51

You should be fine


23-09-2005 11:37:32

OK, thanks guys. I already put in a ticket but I sent a follow up note not to delete the ref. Thanks for the super quick response Jake!