ipod shuffle LOWER referrals

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23-09-2005 10:04:56

I think they should lower the requirement for the ipod shuffle from 3 to 2. The price dropped from 150 to 100 so the requirements should be lowered too.


23-09-2005 10:15:50

lol. still 3 is very easy to do and I doubt they will change it down to 2. but if they do, i will be shocked.


23-09-2005 11:42:28

yeah, i agree with bspence, i've already completed and recieved this gift but 2 referrals.......i doubt it


23-09-2005 12:09:39

im in approval. it took me forever to get that last green so i hope it stays there just because of what i had to go through P. j/k.


23-09-2005 14:05:55

i got 3 greens for the site. im waiting for them to approve my account on freepay whats the longeist time they took to approve your account so you can order ?
usually i get approved the same day or next day..