If I get put on hold....

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22-09-2005 14:54:31

One of my accounts got put on hold and I hve no idea why. I tried to email them and ask them what happened but it seems like all that I get is an automated response from them. It is kind of frustrating. Does anyone know how to get off "hold".

My real question is if one of my accounts goes on hold, are they all put on hold. Should I still try to get offers for other sites or am I screwed? Thank you guys for your help.


22-09-2005 15:06:22

It all depends on what you did to get put on hold.


22-09-2005 15:23:13

That's the thing, I do not know what I did to get put on hold.

Can I tell if my other accounts are put on hold or do I have to wait to verify to see what is going to happen on my acount.


22-09-2005 15:27:08

You should be able to tell. It will say your account has been put on hold. Did you sign up from a public computer? Or have someone else in your family sign up on the same comp?


22-09-2005 15:30:07

I have recently had the exact same thing happen to ALL of my accounts across the entire freepay/gratis network put on hold for no apparent reason. Customer support is crap on this issue and even dealing with jake is getting nothing accomplished. good luck with your situation i always thought freepay was a respectable company but i guess not..


22-09-2005 15:36:17

I think freepay is a great company and jake is always nice and willing to help.... what do u mean? they are great!


22-09-2005 16:47:06

Not so much in my experience, my accounts were put on hold across the entire gratis network for no reason. i sent 2 customer support inquiries, the first of which was given a generic response and closed and the second (and more detailed) of which was simply closed without any response whatsoever. I have been in contact with jake for a few days now and although he has responded quickly he is basically telling me that I violated the terms and conditions (i have reviewed them many times and i have not violated any of them) without giving any specifics or evidence to back any of these claims up. Thats why i dont think they are such a great company.


22-09-2005 17:17:02

It's hard to violate the terms. It's your own fault if you did. All you gotta do is not sign up twice on the same comp or for the same name. And, Jake seriously helps A LOT for me whenever I have questions.


22-09-2005 17:38:01

thats the thing though, i didnt violate the terms and conditions because i didnt do anything out of the ordinary. i just want to be treated fairly and i dont feel like i have been, i dont have anything against jake i know he has tried to help its just that nothing has been accomplished


22-09-2005 17:46:03

Not to hijack the thread but...

I recently had a trade with someone on freeminimacs, I signed up under them but apparantly, something fcked up and I never showed up under his Status page.

I didnt complete an offer for freeminimacs so would it be ok if I sign up under him again under a different email? I mean as long as my other account doesnt get credit?


22-09-2005 22:59:38

check your ref page if someone went red it should tell you. then you will be able to try again. I don't think they will put all of your accounts on hold because each site is seperate.


23-09-2005 09:49:31

One of my refs went Black because he signed up twice on another site in the network. He did this when he was new, like 6 months ago. Is there anyway you can get this reversed? It was a breech of the contract, but he did not try to scam the site, just a honest accident.

He is my last green (.