A couple questions about accounts, offers, and referrals...

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22-09-2005 12:13:54

Hey guys, I'm new to this and had a couple of questions so if you could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

1) To my understanding you are allowed to register an account at each individual FreePay site. So this means I can sign up for freepsps.com, free360xbox.com, ipodnanos.freepay.com, etc using the same information and shipping address, correct?

2) Are you allowed to complete the same offers for each individual freepay site with the same information. For example, could I complete the Real Rhapsody offer on freepsps.com and then again on free360xbox.com to fulfill my offer requirement? If that is not possible, would it be possible to complete the same offer using different information (including credit card) but the same address (i.e. my brother's information)?

3) My question is this. I have 5 friends that I can refer. Could I refer all 5 of them for each freepay site, having them complete the same offer for each site? In other words, each of my 5 friends would click on my referral link for freepsps.com, register, complete the Real Rhapsody offer, then click on my referral link for free360xbox.com and do the same.

Also, I have created two accounts on the same freepay site but one is completely inactive. I have not verified it, completed an order, or done anything with it. Could my accounts still be put on hold?



22-09-2005 12:19:11

1. Correct

2. No, the trial offers are generally for new customers. "One per household". You can only do a specific offer once.

3. No, see above. Each of your friends can do the exact same offer for each site as long as they only do the offer once, but that might throw up some "Walk-Thru" flags with Freepay.

4. Talk to Jake about that one just in case. As long as you completed an offer for only one site then it should be ok.

Good Luck!


22-09-2005 12:30:35

Peksim is correct for both 1 & 2, but 3 he didnt answer the whole thing.

He is right about having 5 friends all do the same offer, its too suspicious, and they will think you are walking them through the process (this is not allowed as your referrals are supposed to be unique, and sign up themselves and find an offer that they would like to themselves, without being told what to do ).

But, all 5 of your friends can be your referrals on each of the freepay sites. As long as they are unqie users, and dont violate any TOS, they can sign up for each of your sites for you.

Also as Peksim said, contact Jake about your last question. It happened with me and I was told that as long as I leave my other account inactive (dont log in, refer anyone, complete offers) then id be ok with my new account. I was and i received my iPod D

Best thing to do is to actually check the help section of the site, or open a support ticket and ask your questions there. People here will have no problems answering them, but its best to get your answers straight from the horses mouth so to speak......people "in the know" who can give you official answers.