not showing up on your referrers screen?

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20-09-2005 13:02:51

i did an offer for someone on 9/9 and went green a few days ago. he claims that i'm not showing up on his account at all. not green or yellow. well i PMd jake and he said that i did in fact sign up under him. the person still says that i'm not there. does anyone have any advice?

ps - i forgot to mention it was for freeflatscreens.


20-09-2005 13:31:52

Maybe the guy is trying to scam you, especially if Jake says you did in fact sign up under him...


20-09-2005 14:22:42

he does have a 10 karma and 15 tr. jake said there was a bug, but that was a week ago.


27-09-2005 10:34:25

this has happened to me twice now. both times on I've attempted two trades and neither have shown up under me. I dont want to sound like I'm scamming them, but they're honestly not showing up!

What do we do about this?


27-09-2005 10:45:35

Wow, i've never had this problem, this could cause alot of tension around here......


27-09-2005 11:35:48

we'll i PMd jake and this is the reply....

I apologize for the confusion that you must have experienced. I sent a message shortly after the last time you asked me to fix it but someone must have missed the email. I have sent the message again in order to make sure this gets resolved. You should see the change later today or tomorrow.




27-09-2005 11:55:02

I'm having similar problems at flatscreens. However, the response my ref received from Freepay after filling out a support ticket wasn't as understanding as Jake's.


27-09-2005 12:03:43

This should be resolved now.

Check your account again.


27-09-2005 12:33:00

How should other go about getting this resolved? I'm still not showing my 2. Should we PM you their info?


27-09-2005 13:38:56

[quote8d6c77c2d3="chrisFWC"]How should other go about getting this resolved? I'm still not showing my 2. Should we PM you their info?[/quote8d6c77c2d3]

PM me the information necessary and I can take a look.

Keep in mind that 99% of the time, the reason that these referrals do not appear is because they did not use the referral link supplied to them correctly.


27-09-2005 17:02:52

Jake you pmed me back that I was showing a number more greens then I can see but you never responded to with if you were going to fix it.


28-09-2005 08:51:40

Thanks Jake, I'll get to that.

But this has only happed to me since the change to Freepay links. The 2 people used my old gratis links, I'm sure of it. Then to test it, I had someone random sign up using the freepay link and their name appeared.


29-09-2005 08:21:05

Jake please check your PMs