Jake, when are new macs coming?

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20-09-2005 04:37:44

I got approved. It says 6-8 weeks. When was this issued (hopefully 6 weeks ago D ) . recently I hope. Does anyone know when the new minimacs will ship.


21-09-2005 12:16:23

Yeah I have a similar question for Jake. I have all my mac referrals, but I don't want to order yet because Apple is going to swtich the mini mac over to Intel hardware in 2006. Will the mini mac site still be up and shipping by then or should I order now?


21-09-2005 12:51:44

I would order now.


21-09-2005 12:53:40


Run, everyone! Click on that "Redeem" button.


21-09-2005 14:06:06

he meant he would order now instead of waiting.


21-09-2005 14:11:03

[quote42de072262="Archon810"]he meant he would order now instead of waiting.[/quote42de072262]

My post still makes sense. ) lol


21-09-2005 22:32:20

Jake is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. ;)


22-09-2005 05:54:04

I don't think the original poster was reffering to the Intel based Macs, but rather the current minimacs apple is offering, 512 Ram + AirportExpress + bluetooth+tiger. His original question of when that 6-8 week notice was posted was not answered fully. I too would like to know when these "current" minimac models will start shipping instead of these 256 Ram + panther configurations. Sorry if I was redundant, but I felt it necessary in this case.


22-09-2005 08:16:26

Thank you for putting this post back on track...
Just wanted to know when the new 512 macs will be in. I got the 6-8 weeks prompt 2 weeks ago when I was approved.

Side question any see this earlier than 2 weeks ago?


22-09-2005 09:22:49

Jake, what is you reasoning for saying "I would order now"

Are you saying it is not worth waiting or by the time they get to my order I will get the 512sdram model?


22-09-2005 10:21:13

I'd say its not worth waiting because it might be a while before we get the newer models.


22-09-2005 12:41:28

put it this way... there is a ton of old models sitting in a warehouse that they have to ship out... but everyone is waiting for the upgrade.. so none ar going out


22-09-2005 12:42:52

yup. i ordered mine so yall would get yalls sooner so fucking order already P.


22-09-2005 12:46:17

so if they are being upgraded, does that mean that the current minimacs on freepay will be phased out and the new ones take its place, or will you guys offer the chance to get the current for less refs, and the new one for 10 refs?


22-09-2005 13:02:28

gratis bought them at cost when they first came out for 499 i think so the ref amount still has to equal what they paid for them.


25-09-2005 08:21:03

YES!!! ORDER YOUR MINIMAC NOW!!! so i can get the newer one! D


25-09-2005 08:34:03

I just have to say that I got a minimac from freepay's first shipment and they are awsome. Order it now....its awsome )


26-09-2005 13:57:32

I must say that I'm a little disappointed in the amont of time FreePay is waiting to upgrade. When the Mac Mini came out, they were selling the current model that FreePay is offering for $599. It is now $544 and the new model is $599. Why haven't they upgraded? In the past, FreePay has been really good about upgrading their PCs and cameras, but they are waiting way too long with the Mac Mini. The product they are currently offering has an outdated OS and lacks enough memory to run the most basic programs (trust me, I know...). The upgrades provided on the newer version are so huge (wireless and bluetooth adapters, OS, etc) that there is no way I'd waste my time getting 10 referrals for it if I had to start all over again. I've been waiting for about 2 months to order mine, and for now I'll be sticking it out and hoping that FreePay continues to be innovators and offer the newest products.


PS - Jake, could you let your bosses know our feelings on this please.


27-09-2005 08:42:01

kinda bummed 2, I'm a graphic designer so I kinda need the xtra sdram I have tiger already......so tempted to just get it now, put on tiger, buy a usb bluetooth adapter, and pay $100 for airport upgrade, and $150 for ram.....that doesn't sound like too much trouble does it? GRATIS PLEASE UPGRADE!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh....I feel betta


27-09-2005 21:12:33

If you're a graphic designer, you really need more juice than a 1.4 Ghz minimac with 512 ram. 512 ram also doesn't cost 150, more like 65-80. Newegg.com has Apple compatible ram from Corsair, or Kingston, or you can buy direct from Crucial.com. A usb bluetooth adapter is 10-15 dollars. A wireless card maybe 40. I never quite understood the value of a wireless card for desktops. Wired connections are faster and more reliable. But I guess we all have our own preferences. Tiger, if you buy it, will be biggest reason to wait for the minimac since it's over 100 dollars. Student discount is 79 dollars.

The reason I think freepay has not been able to change this model as easily as other things they have offered, is because it requires so many more refs than everything else. The difficulty in getting more refs rises exponentially. For every friend that does a ref, it beomes harder and harder to find refs. I find this holds true of most people but not all. Also, most people do not trade on forums such as this, they rely on friends. I was stuck at 5 refs before coming here and getting another 5. I would have given up if it weren't for trading here. That extra 5 refs seperating ipods and minimacs means that much fewer minimacs get shipped out at once. So the turnover ration is much lower. It's just really hard to get 10 refs so it takes longer to depete the stack of minimacs in the warehouse. Ipods fly out like crazy, where these minimacs, im sure if the administration of freepay is willing to tell you, trickle out.

So the 6-8 weeks doesnt change because its purpose is to get people pissed off because it doesn't ever change, and 2 months seems like a long time, so they just buy the old model. If it were to change, there would be hope, and people could count down to the new minimacs. If it stays the same, there doesn't seem like hope. At the same time, the message there prevents people who JUST get approved from sending in an email asking "OOMG WHEN ARE THE NEW MINIMACS COMING" and it worked for me, for about 2 weeks.

So, there's no use really asking anymore. They will be here when the old ones run out. Admin isn't going to tell you when they are coming because that would just give people hope, and hope would be a reason for people to delay ordering. So if you have the will power to wait indefinetly, without asking "when when when" wait. If you have to keep asking, just order it, you'll feel better, and wont suffer from ulcers or an anxiety attack.


28-09-2005 12:51:27

thanks for the info...